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You are in the right place! … if you are looking for real HOMEMADE, made from scratch CAKES, PASTRIES, COOKIES. Are you having a birthday, family event, party or business meeting? Make it even more memorable with a delicious treat.
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Andor Budai

Why our dear customers choose us:

  • every products are homemade
  • layers, fillings, frostings, creams are all made from scratch
  • no artificial sweetener, no cake mix
  • we are using only good quality ingredients
  • custom cakes are available upon request
  • your order is always ready to pick up in time
  • we proudly make famous pastries, cakes from different countries such as Hungary, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Italy, France, Usa

How to order:


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Sajtos pogacsa! Mar ezt is lehet rendelni!
4 cheese biscuits!
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A wedding cake for My good friend Herbert’s wedding 🙂
Bottom is Dobos Cake
Middle is Eszterhazy Cake
Top also Dobos
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8" Birthday Cakes! Happy Birthday!

-European style Raspberry Cheese Cake with homemade Farmers Cheese (Turotorta hazi turoval)
-Strawberry-Chocolate cake (Csoki-eper torta)
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When it comes to party food and desserts, think of me! 🙂

Andor`s Cake World
228 860 9339
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Sokan kertetek, kerestem, talaltam, teszteltem az alapanyagokat es tessek! Isteni finom!

Mezes kremes!

Honey slices! The original from Hungary!
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How about a European style Cheese Cake!? 🙂 homemade vanilla cottage cheese! Yummm ... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks everyone who came to see us at the Hungarian Festival at Immokalee!

Thanks for my wife for help 🙂 (we only have to work on who is the boss 😉 )

Krisztina Moskovics and her family on the picture! Hope you guys enjoyed everything!
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Come see us at the 1st Hungarian Festival at Immokalee May 11th, Saturday! We will be there with some of the famous Hungarian Desserts:
- Dobos Cake
- Eszterhazy Cake
- Zserbo
- Coconut Balls
- Goat Cheese Biscuits

VIP members will receive a choice of complementary slice of dessert at the Festival!
- Want to become a VIP member? Text CAKE to 57838 and follow 2 easy steps. You will also receive a $10 off coupon.

Talalkozzunk az 1. Magyar Fesztivalon Immokalee-ban Majus 11-en! Mi ott leszunk a legismertebb Magyar sutikkel:
- Dobos Torta
- Eszterhazy Torta
- Zserbo
- Kokusz Golyo
- Turos Pogacsa

VIP csoport tagok szabadon valasztott ajandek sutit kapnak a helyszinen.
- Legy VIP tag! Irj egy uzenetet a CAKE szoval a 57838 szamra, kovesd az utasitasokat es meg egy $10 off kupont is kapsz!
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Happy Easter everyone!

Here is one of my new pastry (recipe from easter bunny 🙂 )

Túrós Batyu! (Sweet Ricotta parcels)
Hazilag keszitett túróval töltve!
Stuffed with Homemade sweet Ricotta cheese! They are large and I ate 2 already. So full... but worth it 😉
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  • positive review  Nagyon finom volt a Feketeerdő tortád!! Köszönjük szépen! 🙂

    thumb Hullár Tímea

    5 star review  My black forest cake was heavenly delicious! Thank you Andor! You made my birthday more special with this cake!

    thumb Krisztina Pribilla Madak
  • 5 star review  I ordered an old fashioned hungarian walnut cake for my wife's birthday. It was exelent! Well balanced ,not too sweet. Exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommended! Looking forward to order again.

    thumb Attila Sipos

    positive review  Andor's cakes are amazing! My favorite so far is the Dobos cake with caramel on top. Keep an eye out for when he's selling individual slices, great way to try a few different ones. His goat cheese balls are wonderful too!

    thumb Roxie Miller
  • 5 star review  Only one word: Excellent!! Thank You for the cake, it was delicious!

    thumb Anna Bathory Fülöp

    positive review  Isteni Kedvencem a somlói kocka. Túlszárnyalta az otthoni minőséget Köszönöm

    thumb Monika Kurucz
  • positive review  I love the zserbo the most

    thumb Agnes Hill

    positive review  My early birthday cake (dobós torta) was delicious!!! It was authentic and the best I've had in years! Thank you!!!

    thumb Sylvia Kaszian
  • 5 star review  I won a delicious �Organic Dobos Cake � form Andor’s Cake World/ homemade cakes, and pastries, it is perfectly sweetened, light and creamy, looking forward to try other cakes and pastries from Andor’s Cake World. Thank you again.

    thumb Klara Perity

    5 star review  Andor makes delicious cakes & pastries. He has made many cakes for our family & friends.

    thumb Patsy Allen Maloney
  • positive review  Köszönjük szepen a nagyon finom Dobos tortat es Oroszkrem tortat Andor!Mind ketto nagyon finom. Thank you for the delicious Dobos cake and Russian cream cake Andor!

    thumb Agi Kelemen

    5 star review  I ordered the Russian Cream cake for my husband's birthday, and it was wonderful. I will be ordering cake from Andor again!

    thumb Mari Breznay
  • 5 star review  Isteni a Dobos tortaja!!!! Nemsoka a tobbit is kiprobalom-�

    thumb Eva Anna Migacz

    5 star review  We have ordered many different cakes and they are always outstanding. Andor is very professional and talented. Highly recommend!

    thumb Dana Hirsch Barrett
  • 5 star review  Thank you for our birthday cakes! It was 10 on 10!!!

    thumb Aniko Gulyas

    5 star review  We ordered many different things for my party in Naples. Everything was amazing. Huge hit among all of us. Thank you for your hard work and for bringing our childhood favorites alive so far from home. I hope your business will be a success for many years to come. You just became our Granny, officially ��

    thumb Andrea Moore
  • 5 star review  The Goat Cheese Biscuits were really good! �� Didn't last long...�

    thumb Monika Vitos

    positive review  Thank you so much for this amazing cake. My mom and everyone else really loved it. It was a great success! We will definitely buy from Andor again. Nagyon nagy sikert aratott a torta. Nagyon szepen koszonjuk! Isteni volt.☺️❤️

    thumb Patrícia Hamza
  • 5 star review  I have ordered cakes for Christmas, my husband's birthday, and several other occasion's. He has never failed to deliver cakes that were delicious without being overly sweet, very light and always more than what we were promised. I very much recommend his delicious delightful creations.

    thumb Rosa Fornasari McClellan

    5 star review  I ordered the French Custard Cake ( francia krèmes) for my husband’s birthday , it was absolutely delicious �! 5 star!! Thank you Andor!

    thumb Anita Missura