4 cheese sticks

  • Handmade dough with 4 cheese on top
  • Great for snacking, party food, very nice cheese-salty taste

Bacon biscuits

  • Handmade dough with a special homemade bacon spread, caraway seed or sesame seed on top

Bakers Croissant

  • Homemade dough
  • Individually rolled croissants with sesame seed
  • Great for breakfast, party sandwiches, sub for dinner bread etc.

Black Forest Cake

– 2 yellow and 1 brown sponge cake layer

– black cherry and vanilla pudding cream with cherry pieces

– whipped cream and chocolate pieces on top

Very tasty and light cake, which became popular in Germany from 1930.

Burek pastry

Farmers cheese stuffed Burek – very famous pastry in Eastern Europe (Serbia, Croatia, Turkey) – baked filled handmade pastry – stuffing can be cheese, ham, spinach, apple, ground meet

Cappuccino-Chocolate Cake with roasted Walnuts

  • 4 layers made with lots of walnut
  • Cappuccino-chocolate cream with cocoa
  • Covered with roasted walnut

This is a rich chocolaty cake with crispy walnut cover but not overly sweet!


Chocolate cake

  • 3 sponge cake layers made with natural cocoa
  • 2 different types of homemade chocolate cream


The recipe is from Serbia. The key of this cake is the chocolate cream, which is made by 2 separately cooked chocolate cream, then mixed together to give a rich, full chocolate/cocoa […]

Chocolate-Strawberry Cake

  • Homemade chocolate cream
  • 3 layers made with real cocoa
  • Chopped fresh strawberries mixed in the cream

Coconut balls

  • Chocolate-coconut balls with rum

Dobos cake

  • Light chocolate pudding buttercream
  • 10 layers made one by one
  • Homemade caramel on top

Hungaian specialty cake. Named after its inventor, Jozsef Dobos, who introduced the cake in 1885.