Eszterhazy Cake

– 5 layers made with lots of walnuts
– filled with rum-vanilla cream
– 1 layer of delicious apricot jam
– white and dark chocolate on top

Gluten free optional

Dobos Cake

Dobos Cake

The famous Hungarian Dobos Cake
– Layers made one by one (10 layers)
– Chocolate pudding cream
– Crispy caramel on top

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake from Serbia (family recipe)
– 2 different homemade chocolate cream
– 3 layers made with real cocoa
– dark chocolate on top

Reform Cake

Very popular cake in Serbia but the original recipe is from France.
– 4 layers made with lots of walnuts
– filled with homemade chocolate cream
– dark chocolate on top

Vanilla Cake

– 3 layers made one by one
– homemade vanilla cream
– fresh strawberry (only decoration)

Sacher Cake

Sacher Cake (original recipe from Austria)
– chocolate cake layers
– delicious apricot jam in between
– covered with lots of chocolate

Russian Cream Cake

Russian cream cake
– 3 very light cake layers with walnut
– vanilla pudding cream with raisins and rum
– whipped cream
Light, nicely balanced flavors, delicious

Rose`s Cream Pie

Rose`s Cream Pie (named after my mom, who is a baker in Europe, her recipe)
– 1 thin layer with chopped, roasted walnuts
– topped with Nutella
– vanilla and chocolate butter cream
– whipped cream on top
Very creamy with nicely ballanced flavours

Zserbo (Gerbeaud) cookie

Walnut and apricot jam cookie
Known as “Gerbeaud” (Zserbo), Hungarian traditional Christmas cookie
– 3 sweet dough (homemade of course) layer
– filled with apricot jam and walnuts
– 40 slices (see picture) in one order

Cookie platters

Europen Cookie Platter (multiple combination available)
– Coconut roll
– Isler (roasted pecan, chocolate)
– Zserbo (walnut apricot jam cookie)

Cookie Platters

Europen Cookie Platter (multiple combination available)
– Chocolate Balls
– Isler (roasted pecan, chocolate)
– Jam Roll

Burek pastry

Farmers cheese stuffed Burek
– very famous pastry in Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia
– people usually eat it for breakfast or lunch
– HANDMADE fillo, stuffed with farmers cheese or cheddar cheese and ham

Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake form Germany
– vanilla and chocolate sponge cake
– cherry pudding cream (homemade of course)
– whipped cream
Very tasty and light cake.

Chocolate Balls

Chocolate balls with coconut. My mom`s (Ms Rose) recipe.
– walnuts
– chocolate, vanilla
– rum
– raisins, apricot jam

Coconut Roll

Coconut roll
– cocoa, chocolate, ground biscuits
– 2 rolls in 1 order
– about 60 slices in an order

Goat Cheese Biscuits

Goat Cheese Biscuits (Hungarians call it Pogacsa)
– Caraway seed or sesame seed on top
Perfect way to start a party, great appetizer

Double Chocolate Cake

Serbian specialty! Recipe is from north Serbia

– sponge cake layers filled with lots of chocolate butter cream
– dark chocolate on top and around

Fresh Berries & Vanilla

– 3 very light sponge cake layer
– filled with vanilla pudding cream and finely chopped fresh berries (blueberry, strawberry, raspberry), oranges and kiwi
Very light and refreshing cake on a hot Florida day!

Ischler Cookie

Recipe is from Austria
– 2 thin layers made with roasted pecans
– chocolate cream in between with natural cocoa
– dark chocolate on top

Jam Roll

Strawberry filled roll just how our grandmothers made it 🙂 simply delicious!

Revolution Cake

Cake of the year in Hungary 2014
– Walnut briddle sponge cake
– dark chocolate mousse with a pinch of rum
– freshly squeezed orange gelatin layer
– white chocolate mousse
– dark chocolate on top
– decorated with walnuts halves


Homemade Tiramisu (Italian specialty, light taste, Italian ingredients)
– Mascarpone cheese
– coffee
– cocoa
– lady fingers